The Dislike of Cats

Are you a cat lover? Is this why you came to read our blogs, or are you on the opposite side and are not a fan of cats? I am not much of a fan of cat at all. There is a lot of work you have to do when it comes to caring and the maintenance of cats. In my personal opinion some of them are very gross. They leave of gross odor throughout the house and top of that it can be very hard to get rid of. This probably has to do with the fact they do not like to take baths or even get wet. This is not good thing they need to be cleaned. They lick there self-cleans, which is not an effective way to clean themselves.  The fact that they are scared of water and do not like to go near it is not appealing to me and would not make me want this kind of animal. They need some kind of soap or something to clean cats licking themselves will just not work for me. You have to buy a lot of scents and things to make your house smell good. Then they have their litter boxes. I personally think this is very gross. They are not like a dog or anything that can just go outside they have to go inside your house and this also that can contribute to the horrible stench that can be lurking in a cat lover’s home. On top of that you have to clean it and change the litter about every week and new to their box which could get pretty expensive. These little furry friends shed a lot of hair. They leave hair all over your house, the carpet and even the clothing. It is so hard to get rid of the hair because it is just everywhere. I went to a friend house and sat of the couch and just from that I had cat hair all over my clothes. The fact they leave hair everywhere they go is not okay. Why do they have to shed so much hair, it is kind if ridiculous? Their no way that cat hair should be everywhere. They also leave hair balls. They leave hair balls by actually puking them up. Which you have to clean up that too right? I have also notice that they just puke up some stuff and that leaves a nasty stain on people’s carpet.  I think cats are a lot of work and maybe too much to handle for me. I think they are not good and clean animals at all. I do not see how others can enjoy them; I do not like to be around them.  In my future blogs you can expect me to talk more about the negative sides of cats because after all I am not a fan of them if you cannot tell already. Be looking out for my next blog which is going to be all about why these lovely animals make you sick. Why are there so many people allergic to them?


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