Schizophrenic Feline


There’s voices in my cat’s head.

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Tico Hates Otters

Tico the mighty hunter stealthy and silently approaches his prey. It stands there at its lookout station not noticing the cat approaching from the right. In just a few he is about to be cat food. Tico crouches and wiggles his butt ever so slightly to get prepared for his jump. MRROW! He pounces on the otter, and knocks him over. Tico stands over him as the victor once again.

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The Mean Cat


Have you ever come across a cat that you knew right away that you were not going to get along with it? Or are you a superstitious kind of person and not into being around black cats? These animals can be very mean and dangerous. There are those cats out there that will attack people. They literally dig there claws into your skin. Leaving the scratch marks on your arm. Who wants to walk around with cat scratches? I know would not want too. These animals are not always cute and cuddle. If you come across the wrong cat things can get pretty bad. This is why I choose to stay far away from them.

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Cats Teach Children Responsibility

Getting your children a pet to care for is one of the best things you can do to teach them responsibility, but some people don’t want to give a pet to an irresponsible child in fear that their child may neglect it. Some people may start with fish, or hamsters, or fish, but I truly believe that the best “starter” animal is a cat. They are very self-dependent. The only thing they really need humans for is to feed them and give them water. Cleaning out their boxes is another aspect of it, but they don’t actually rely on us to do that for them, we would just prefer our homes to not smell like piss and crap.

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Cats: Their First World Problems


We’ve all seen those cats on tv who have their own king sized bed which also come included with those egyptian cotton sheets. The owners treat them better than they treat their children, if they even have children. I don’t picture these owners spending money on anything but their precious, well dressed, well fed cat.. well, let’s just call it “Princess” or “Prince”. I don’t want to be sexist now. But really, do you really think that spending a big chunk of change on a sweater for your cat is necessary?… When you can’t even buy yourself the bare necessities? I’m just being dramatic here. Odds are if you have enough money to buy your cat a sweater you have enough money to buy yourself one first. I’d hope. These cats are accustomed to living the good life. Weekly groomings, and fittings for the latest trends, and not to mention some of the best cat food around. You could say some of these cats are treated better than some of the homosapians out there.

Since we’ve established that some cats or.. Princess for example, is treated better than lets say the average human being, let’s give you some insight to what some of their first world problems could be.

Cat probz

Am I the only one that this has happened too? I kind of feel bad.

cat probz 2

Okay, this one just made me laugh.haha

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.43.34 PM


What? Like it’s a bad thing?

cat probsss

Oh, so the average tap water just isn’t good enough?



One Meow At A Time


I decided to do something a little different with this post. Earlier this week I was listening to “One Step At A Time” by Jordin Sparks while editing my “about” section. What about adding “meow” into the mix and shaking things up a bit.

The only way to really get into this is if you think of a cat-like situation. I’ll give you a couple of options.

1. An eager kitten wanting to jump from couch to couch but knows that its little leg muscles haven’t developed enough yet.

2. A cat waking from a long-lived coma and has to learn everyday tasks all over again.